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-          Masks are no longer required, but are encouraged.


  For employees, all persons working in a clinical unit/ setting will still wear a mask including in common areas and break rooms unless eating or drinking.

-        As a part of the pre-screening process, all patients will have their temperatures checked with a non-contact thermometer

-        Practitioners and staff will be self-screening daily using the BC COVID-19 self-assessment tool.

-        Patients will be made aware of the mitigation efforts the clinic is taking to minimize the risk of viral transmission and will be asked to provide informed consent to treatment

-        Everyone who may be or is sick is strictly asked to stay home. 

-        Patients who show symptoms during the pre-screening will be asked to reschedule their appointment after their symptoms have resolved

-        Patients who show symptoms during the pre-screening will be referred to a COVID19 testing center. The closest testing center to Lansdowne Physiotherapy Clinic is at Richmond Hospital

-        There will be a cleaning checklist in each room (Reception Area, Treatment Area, Physio Counter, Gym, Lunch Area and Laundry Area. Maintaining the Hydrocollator cleaned all the time

-        All cleaning products and sanitizers used at LPTC are approved by Health Canada and BCCDC to be used against COVID-19

-        Laundry procedures will continue to follow FDA regulations for the treatment of all sheets and towels

-        All treatment rooms will be cleaned and sanitized between every clients

-        All floors will be cleaned and sanitized at the end of each day

-        Hand sanitizing stations will be set up at the entrance/exit/ reception area/ physio counter/ gym for patients to use as they come and go. It will be mandatory for everyone to use the hand sanitizer as they enter the clinic. If your hands are visibly soiled, please wash them

-        All practitioners and staff are trained on proper hand hygiene and hand washing protocols

-        All practitioners are trained on proper donning and doffing of PPE

-        Masks are mandatory for everyone in the clinic. Masks are available for purchase in clinic for those that do not have one

-        Clients intake/ intervals reduce to every 30 minutes

-        Patients are advised to come 5 minutes before their appointment time or else they need to wait in their vehicles or elsewhere. Waiting time is minimized inside

-        High risk patients will be advised to book their appointments in the first appointment spot of the day and will be advised to self-assess the risks and benefits to in-person treatment

-        Plexiglass will be installed at the reception area. All patients are encouraged to re-book through phone and e-mail the clinic with any questions they may have to minimize line ups and gathering at the entryway.

-        Patients are advised to limit touching anything in the clinic including door handles. Practitioners and staff will open and close doors as much as possible.

-        Where applicable, practitioners will determine whether in-person care is necessary or virtual appointments are appropriate.

-        Signage provided by BCCDC will be strategically placed throughout the clinic to inform every one of transmission prevention measures, physical distancing measures, and hand hygiene techniques.

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