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Lansdowne Physiotherapy welcomes you!

Before making an appointment, be sure to check our "Services" page located on the menu above to see a list of services we offer.  


To create an appointment online, you can either 'browse as a guest' or 'sign in.' Both will prompt you to make a new account, which is needed to book any online appointments.

Clinic Portal 1.png

Creating an account either through an emailed link or the Clinic Master website will take you to this page. Simply fill in your information and you will be sent an email confirmation.

Screenshot 2021-02-10 121913.jpg

Once you have completed the registration, check your email for a link to validate your account.


You will now be able to make an appointment online. 

Clinic Portal 2.png

If you have used the 'one time code' option, or if your account looks like the page above, please make sure to edit the information so that your name can be shown.


For your first physiotherapy visit, click on the service you need and choose 'INITIAL ASSESSMENT.'


If you are unsure of which type of visit to choose, fees and short description of services can be found on the Rates and Fees page here. 

If you have any questions or concerns about your first appointment, please don't hesitate to call our clinic at 604-270-4428 and our front desk will be happy to help you.


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